Eternal night creeps with shadows dark. In the night, your life is marked.
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 The Basic Rules

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PostSubject: The Basic Rules   Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:08 am

I really don't think i need to state the obvious, but for people not used to Role Playing, here are a few pointers we all like to live by.

No Drama.

First and foremost, probably the most important rule of all... If it isnt storyline drama, please keep it out of the game. Personal drama and quibbles amongst players are not tolerated. If there is an issue with another player and it cannot be settled between the two of you, take it to admin. Do not make a fuss of it in public. No flaming, trolling, spamming, or harassment. We treat each other with dignity and respect.

No Godmodding

This means, no power play, any magic you control has a limit. Don't do anything to another character without their express permission or the permission from a mod or the administration. No Flaming. No Trolling.

Use Proper Posting

Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, ect. Your posts must be well written and articulate. Novel format- 3rd person, past tense. It helps our separate postings to flow together nicely, turning our words into wonderfully crafted stories. Just be creative and have fun. This does not mean that you must write a novel in every post you make, but it must be of decent quality and length. No one line answers.

When posting, please keep to a posting sequence, ie: Nathan, Rose, Zane, Serenula, Nathan, Rose, Zane, Serenula
Makes it more fair for others to post. If someone has not posted and has not notified others about their absence for over seven days. you may post around them, so long as it does not breach any of the god-mod rules.

No Multiple SL's.

And what I mean by that is: You can not be in more than one place at one time. There is only one of you, and that one of you is hard enough to keep track of. So please, keep yourself in line so I dont get dizzy trying to follow you. Its just confusing.


Before anyone can role play on this site they must first have their profiles posted and approved. Only then can you begin your journey in this world.

If you happen to be banned through the new system put in play, DO NOT MAKE A NEW CHARACTER. it will be automatically banned and deleted.

Respect each person on this site as you yourself would wish to be respected.

Chat Box:

As some of you know, we have a chat box in the portal. Those that are of Night Kiss may use this. If you have a Chatango account. All people on this chat box are to be of Nights Kiss. They must have their Chatango user name stated in their profiles. Any people in the chat box not of Nights kiss, please redirect them to either a Mod or Admin person. Or simply ask them to leave or Join.


and last but not least

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The Basic Rules
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