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 The History of the Casadonians

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PostSubject: The History of the Casadonians   Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:49 am

Throughout Medieval England two houses fought for rule over England. One being the Lancaster Rose and the other, Yorkshire Rose. Among these two households, built into the foundations of both, were vampire clans. The most powerful clans of its time all merged into two households. Often challenging the other reigning household to deicide which house became monarch. Pitching the unsuspecting humans of one house against the other houses human residents to decide an outcome, often indulging the occasional vampire. This was the easiest way to settle dispute. Leading the humans residents of both houses to believe it was a battle of birth right. These two households direct descendants of King Edward III, the Lancastrian house lead by Henry VI and Yorkshire house being lead by Duke of York. Both wanted the throne from themselves and it was in the benefit and interest of the vampire clans to get their houses visual leader monarch, these two families manipulated what would be the reign of Kings for the next 150 years, this would come to be known as the “War of the Roses”.

But it had not always been that way. In quieter times, there was only one household, this household being the Kings, Edward III. Consisting of the royal family, these as standing. Edward III had two sons that would go on to have important sons. John, Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward III. Edmund, the first Duke of York, son of Edward III. John, Duke of Lancaster was the Great Grandfather of Henry VI. John, Duke of Lancaster being born before Edmund, the first Duke of York. Therefore his descendants becoming Monarchs. Edmund, Duke of York, was the Grandfather of Richard, Duke of York, who would later become the main reason for this civil war and was the Father of Edward IV and Richard III. Out of all these names, only two would start a feud that threatened this blood lines existence.

In 1422 there was one household that ruled England. This household was the Lancaster Rose, taken from his Great Grandfather's title “Duke of Lancaster.” Henry VI reigning monarch thanks to his Great Grandfather's being the eldest son. Where as the second Duke of York, Richard. Another direct descendant of Edward III served the King, Henry VI. This because of his Great Grandfather being born after the eldest son. The Duke of York (Richard) was appointed Lieutenant of France in 1436. Throughout his service in Europe, he had to pay for the services of his men and finance the army in France from his own personal funds. Although the Duke of York was a wealthy man in his own right. It was his marriage to Cicely Neville in 1438, daughter to Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmoreland and sister of Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, which had brought him great wealth. Thus, he was able, albiet unhappily in doing so, to fund the English army overseas. By the time he left France, York had forwarded a lot of his own money to maintain English interests in France. To add insult to injury, in 1445 he was replaced as Lieutenant of France by Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset. Somerset was Henry VI cousin and someone Henry trusted more than the Duke of York. It was on Somerset's advice that Henry VI created the Duke of York Lieutenant of Ireland, which was in reality, exile by office. Somerset was no doubt fearful of the Duke ofYork, a fear enhanced by the fact that Somerset, a man whom the Duke of York equally detested, and a favourite of Henry VI was forwarded funds to the sum of £25,000 to sustain the king's army in France.

Not only did the Duke of York despise Somerset because of his favouritism with the king, but he also detested that Somerset had been given the office he had previously held in France and the funds to support it, despite his inability as a soldier. The Duke of York's fears over the management of the campaign in France was soon realised, as the war began to go badly for the English. The Duke of Somerset was personally responsible for the surrender of the strategic town of Rouen which subsequently led to the fall of Normandy to Charles VII of France. Because of this, Somerset became distinctly unpopular at home. However, because he retained the king's favour, he maintained his prestigious position at court.

However in 1451, Bordeaux and Gascony in France were lost to the French. Henry VI was outraged, the Duke of York though was quick in pointing the finger of blame at Somerset for this loss. With support for the King and his adherents at such a low point, mostly due to the English failings in France. Duke of York decided to risk all and attempt to wrest control from the king by force of arms and arrest the Duke of Somerset, thus removing him from his position as the king's most senior advisor. Doubtless this move was not only inspired by the Duke of York's fear for the conduct of the war in France, but also because he was equally fearful that Somerset might take over the very position that York felt was his own, that of the most likely heir to Henry in the absence of the king having any children of his own. Thus the Duke of York, believing that he had more popular support than he actually had, sailed from Ireland and landed in North Wales, gathered his forces and travelled straight for London and the encounter at Blackheath. This marked the beginning of the "War of the Roses."

The war lasted thirty two brutal bloody years, neither side showed remorse for the other, theirs acts of war were unspeakable. Of course, the vampires themselves carried out most of these crimes with a joy unlike any other, their true nature revealed they were free to do whatever they deemed as fit. Burning the villages of those that stood in their way, slaughtering families in cold blood. Torturing their victims slowly, skinning them alive before devouring the eyes, then throwing the half dead corpses to rodents and other animals that feasted on humans in dire times. Nothing was too much, all was allowed. This was war....and they were Vampires. Eventually the elders grew tired of fighting, having lived through more then one war. Fighting wasn't exactly something that excited them any-more. They sought other methods of annihilating their enemies. The elders sent scholars to shift through ancient libraries. Malevolent books brimming with knowledge untouched for thousands of years, black magic beyond your widest dreams, secrets long forgotten in this time and age, even by the vampires. This led to the conjuration of a power. A power so great it was sealed by the very being that made it....the devil. The great elders of the Lancaster household decided now was the time to unleash one from its seal. The same seal that had been laying dormant for many centuries, imprisoning death on earth. The ultimate vampire....the one known as...Dracula.

The Elders sent out fifty their best men to the location of this tomb, four weeks later. Only one returned. But this man wasn't one of theirs. It was......Dracula. A meeting was held on the spur of the moment between him and the dark prince. The contents of this meeting was simple, they had freed him and they wanted control over him. Unfortunately Dracula didn't see things this way, he slaughtered them all. Leaving no one alive or so he thought. Unknown to him three of the Lancashire Elders survived, having witnessed this mighty beasts power they turned to the other house for help. Offering a peaceful solution to war, which was either help or die at his hands. Of course they chose wisely.

Two months later all the preparations where complete they were to finish this where it had all began. Dracula's prison. The plan was to lure him in, then deceive the very one they placed their hope in not so long ago, sealing him back in the prison to where he came from. Many vampires died that night, but the Elders succeeded with this plan. In returned for his imprisonment all twelve of the remaining Elders entered this slumber with him. This was the price they each had to pay. The temple both hidden and removed from the records all of known books, those that knew about it purged from this realm. Everything was accounted, right down to the tiniest of details. Never again this monstrosity to be allowed.

The year now 1509, time had long forgot omens from past times. The surviving, main 13 vampire clans lived peaceful in Tudor England, each ruling their own towns. However, some clans began to lose control of their subjects, hatred to the humans grew. A human genocide is what some vampires called it. Many humans were turned into vampires. Unlike the originals, those turned had a very high addiction to blood, they couldn’t stop killing, more and more turned. Tudor England became a gloomy place, soaked in blood and filled with decay the ‘Great Plague’ the humans called the historical event. Elders of the clans met at the old Temple of Blood. Problems where discussed, but not everyone agreed on the same solutions. Some clans wanted to completely whip the humans off the face of the earth and harvest them, and some just wanted to live in peace with humans.

It finally came down to those that wanted a new way of living exiled themselves from Tudor England while the rest remained. Eventually, those that fled came to the city, Casadonia where the royal Salvar family was in power. Using Dominance, the human populace constructed a grand palace on the tallest hill. With a new home, the families slowly began to spread out and start their new way of life, under a series of rules, the two most rules being: ‘Only kill when needed to.’ And ‘It is forbidden to turn humans into vampires.’

On December 14th. In the year 1542, Mary Queen of Scots became the first Queen regnant of England, trouble struck the clans. No one in the present date know what caused the conflict or what it was about, all that is known is that a war broke out amongst the Clans that lasted for seven long years. The Guardavine Family conquered the throne soon after.

1562, tension turned back to Tudor England as rumours began to spread about mass killings in Elizabthan England. The families that stayed behind were moving from city to city, killing all humans. Out of anger, the King and Queen summoned the clans together, and war broke out between the two groups of clans in England. More than 80,000 lived were lost in the battle, humans and vampires both. The King and Queen had died in the battle; the Guardavine family had no heirs to ascend to the throne.

The royal family of Trebador occupied the throne, their first order of power was to take the surviving families as prisoners and to be slaves to the royal families. After the death of the King Bernard and Queen Paula, their unmarried child, Rose became the first solo Queen to rule the Vampire clans, baring a single son, from a result of a failed relationship. Under her rule, peace returned to the era but how long will this new peace last? Unknown to the clans, an old enemy was slowly awakening…

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The History of the Casadonians
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